Our goal: to create learning success stories, one student at a time.


To: JGWEF with Love

This is a night that was made by God alone.
The ‘Third Anniversary Dinner’, there in the Jamaica Pegasus Zone.
The Jeanette Grant Woodham Education Foundation is the star.
The fabulous guests, dressed to the nines; came from near and far.

To the beautifully decorated Pegasus Montego Suite,
Colours of purple, white and gold, fabric art so neat.
Aloft was a matching banner with the Foundation’s scroll and feather seal,
Somehow it had a ‘Fortis Forever’ (a Kingston College) appeal.

Our goal is simply to create learning success stories.
One student at a time; bringing them great honour and glory.
As patron of the Foundation, The Most Honourable Edward Seaga,
Had to fly the gate to this absolutely great super saga.

So we didn’t mind meeting and greeting all our longtime friends,
Who came to support the Foundation and their gracious hands to lend.
In the house was the renowned Jamaica Constabulary Force band,
Led by Deputy Superintendent Woolcock, we knew their set would be grand.

The welcome and opening remarks by yours truly were done,
In poetic style “If we could change the World”, each of us, everyone.
Our National Anthem by the J.C.F. Band was played,
As at attention we all stood like officers on parade.

Our very special guests were acknowledged to appreciative applause.
Each person here contributing to the very worthy cause.
Then time it was for the Foundation’s overview,
Presented by none other than the hardworking Chairman Kiddo.

From him we gained insight into the work of the Foundation,
Serving not only the community of Tivoli Gardens but our whole nation.
Having been established in August of 2014.
So much has been done; as we watched our awardees excelling.

Education is a fundamental human right of every child.
We certainly don’t want them to grow up and become ‘wicked and wild’.
So, as we help to pave the way to a successful and productive future,
Mr. Smith reiterated thanks to all attendees, sponsors, and our creator.

It was then time for us to partake of the sumptuous meal,
So Alumnus Carlton raised up a beautiful grace that we could feel.
Warm spring rolls on a bed of lettuce with tomato wedge on the side,
Preceded the red peas soup and chicken noki, so no gas on our chest would abide.

 But for most the coup d’état was the soya-flavoured blackened salmon,
Served with grilled zucchini, mashed potatoes and tamarind chicken.
I could never omit the sweet bell peppers and mushroom cream sauce,
But the rum chocolate truffles, almond nut brittle and mango cheesecake were the boss.

All this was teamed with your select brands of wine
The JCF band provided a repertoire of musical selections as we dined.
“Mercy, Mercy Please” cause “I’m still in love with you”.
You are the “Buffalo Soldier”, so “Here I Come” with love so true.

 “Should I” give you “Everything I Own” to show you how much I love you?
If “Silver Words Are Your Price”; then take me “Just As I Am”, Will that do?
Chairman Kiddo Smith read the testimonial of beneficiary Gabrielle.
Absorbing her words sure made every single head swell.
Our wish is that she will indeed be Tivoli’s Head Girl someday soon,
As she continues her great journey in the field of education.
When time it was for our patron Uncle Eddie to speak,
He gave us a history lesson that was not for a heart that’s weak.

It was the year of my birth, 1954, that Tivoli Gardens was born.
As he researched everything Jamaican from night until morn.
To do this the ‘dwellers’ of May Pen Cemetery had to make room,
Or else there would be no T.G. and for some it would be gloom and doom.

So, we have much to thank our beloved Patron for.
His insightful contribution to culture, finance and so much more.
We could understand then how the ladies could dance to strings.
Lovely in pink, doing their somersaults, amazing twirls and flings.

 It was cutie, Ms. Cupie who introduced the Reverend Gentleman.
Even though he was told earlier that his religion ain’t Jamaican.
He was pleased to advise us that the church is a teaching entity.
With its long history and its hunger to understand Man and reality.

All things are to be used according to God’s purpose.
Forming the characteristics, and values in the schools lead by us.
‘Choiceless Awareness’ was profoundly defined by Bishop Ken.
I’ll have to get a second lesson Sir, ‘cause I was busy with my pen.

A Catholic School is indeed a faith-based institution.
It assists persons to develop and be always human.
This must permeate the entire education process.
Catholic education promotes the engagement with culture and openness.

 Choose what is good and avoid all that is evil.
Focus on God and never ever on the Devil.
And if you were not a good Catholic before,
That was your introduction; prepare for so much more.

 Past Students of the New York Chapter, led by Donovan Morgan,
Presented a cheque of USD $250 to the JGWE Foundation.
The citation of appreciation was presented to Mrs. Woodham,
And then Taville Henry sang “All of Me” by John Legend, looking a lot like him.

The response from Lady Jeanette moved us all to tears.
She spoke of the ways in which she allayed her children’s fears.
She wants the Foundation to live on forever.
With our help It must continue, never to fail never!

As Mrs. Carol Hammond came to move the vote of thanks,
We knew that we had just experienced an event that was top ranks.
So as we bid adieu, just be careful as you trod,
Take care of yourselves and each other, and always go with God!

Written spontaneously and delivered at the end of the Award Ceremony by: Allison C. Peart
August, 2018