Our goal: to create learning success stories, one student at a time.


About Us


The Jeanette Grant-Woodham Education Foundation (JGWEF) mission is centered on stimulating the academic achievement and performance of excellence of students at Tivoli Gardens High School, and increasing the alumni who matriculate to achieve University Education. The Foundation seeks to provide opportunities for students who are top performers in Academics, Sports and the Arts.

Our mission is t​o engage past students, community partners and the private sector as we seeks to stimulate excellence and raise the educational performance at the Tivoli Gardens High School by funding scholarships and educational grants for students.

Why Education?
Education is a fundamental human right of every child.

  1. Education helps to pave the way to a successful and productive future.
  2. Education creates opportunities; it creates a ripple effect that influences generations to make the right decisions about their own future.
  3. A sound education foundation enables people to make well-informed decisions, pursue interests and gain insights into different people and situations. It helps individuals to decide between right and wrong, access their rights and gives them aspirations to improve their personal, social and community circumstances.
  4. Education gives us all a sense of responsibility; children not only learn literacy and numeracy but social and essential life skills.
  5. It ends the generational cycle of poverty. Educated families are more likely to ensure that their children start school on time and are ready to learn and develop.
  6. At JGWEF we believe that education has an immense impact on human society and is the only true long-term strategy to overcoming poverty and bringing about sustainable change.


  1. Build awareness by creating a consistent and compelling fundraising message that is delivered through diverse strategies to a community-wide audience.
  2. Promote a culture of giving that provides annual, sustained support through monetary donations from the members of the foundation, community residents and businesses.
  3. Increase volunteer participation and utilize their talents in support of the Foundation.
  4. Enhance donations through public and private grant opportunities.